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DFI Diamond Fusion Glass Protection : Leading Protective Glass Coating

Diamon-Fusion® Glass Shower Door Protective Coating
Diamon-Fusion® glass treatment for shower doors is the industry-leading choice for homeowners, hotel owners, and glass professionals, having been applied to over ten (10) million shower doors worldwide. Similar to how a non-stick cooking pan works, surfaces treated with Diamon-Fusion® become easier to clean and require less maintenance. Use the slider below to see how Diamon-Fusion® shower glass sealer easily repels water (from laying flat to beading up).

Keeps glass surfaces and your shower doors beautiful longer and protected against hard water stains through the invisible protection of Diamon-Fusion® shower glass treatment. By filling in the peaks and valleys of the shower glass – water, soap scum, and contaminants are easily washed off the glass, cutting cleaning time up to 90%.

How Diamon-Fusion® Shower Glass Coating Works?
At a microscopic level, glass is quite rough. Inevitably, this allows soap scum, limescale, minerals from hard water and humidity to damage the surface and cause etching. Diamon-Fusion® glass shower door coating is a patented, two-step process that chemically bonds to the glass, creating an ultra-thin, transparent barrier that seals the glass and easily repels water.

Application Features and Benefits
- Prevents stains, corrosion, and etching
- Eco-friendly; eliminates chemical cleaners
- Cuts cleaning time up to 90%
- Keeps glass cleaner between cleans
- Limited lifetime warranty
- No revitalizer or aftercare products required
- Suitable for new and existing glass
- Helps prevent the buildup of limescale
  Technical Features and Benefits
Interlinked nanocoating : chemically bonds with glass
Hydrophobic (water-repellent) : 90% easier to clean
Oleophobic (oil repellent) : 90% easier to clean
Adds brilliance : 20% increase from untreated glass
Scratch resistant : prevents abrasions and scuffs
Chemically inert : environmentally safe
No cure time : instantly bonds to the glass
100% optically clear : transparent nanocoating
Anti-corrosion : protects against heat and humidity
Coating thickness : < 40nm (nanometers)

Recommended cleaning products:
- Sprayway
- Simple Green
- Ammonia Free Windex
- White household vinegar doluted with water
- Seventh Generation natural glass and surface cleaner.

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